Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Haunted School (2007) DVDRip

Since a fire broke out in Lap Lan Secondary School ten years ago. There is always a silhouette on the wall, coupled with eerie singing in the middle of the night, resulting in all kinds of scary and disturbing rumours being spread in the school.
Lap Lan Secondary School is a girl school. However, under the new education policy, Goh Keung, Charles, Ben and Dick are assigned to Lap Lan Secondary School to continue their education.
The four boys found excitement among the boring boarding girl school. As love and rebellion are the given right of the youngster - no matter how the Dean of the school has forbid the romantic relationships between the guys and gals.
After a secret party, love blossomed among the youngsters. Unknowingly, the relationships had revived a hidden curse which haunted the school ten years ago…
Very soon, Dick, Ah Sze and Cat went missing and found dead bizarrely. The death of their schoolmates caused Goh Keung and Yat Man great distress, and the two were on the verge of breaking down. After much consideration, the two decided to challenge the rule of “Students are forbid to fall in love”, which they found totally unreasonable, hoping that this will lead them to the cause of their classmates’ death.
In the meantime, the old school office which is destroyed by the blaze ten years ago, appear again with the ghost of the Dean… Step by step, the cursed spirit of the Dean traced the lovebirds, confronting their mutiny against the school rule…

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