Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sydney White (2007) DVDRip

Sydney White hopes to fill in what she believes are fairly big shoes that belonged to her late mother by joining Kappa, her mother's sorority. As is to be expected, the sorority president is the stereotypical snob who despises Sydney's natural charm, skill at pledge tasks, and of course, the attraction between Sydney and the Beta president, the Kappa's former beau. Sydney is humiliated in front of the entire sorority ball but bounces back through befriending 7 less-than-popular nerds down the street. They mutually help each other meet their goals of becoming more "normal"(the dorks) and able to make the campus friendly for all types of students (Sydney). It is a good, relatively clean movie, with mainly the B-word and the A- word the extent of any foul language (nowadays it appears that this is no big deal unfortunately) which many not sit well with younger audiences. But the message of acceptance and empowerment was a positive one and I found myself tearing up a few times!

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