Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shadow Puppets (2007) DVDRip

Shadow Puppets is a thriller / horror flick brought to us by team DOMiNO. As i was trying to gather info about this movie, it become clear that there is very little information about it on the web even on dedicated film websites so your going to have download it if you want to even have a preview of it. Their’s no real star actors here that i recognise but the IMDB rating is quite high even if there has only been 11 votes for it. This is a Direct to DVD film so that’s why there has’nt been any CAM’s or TS’s if you were wondering. If you want to scare yourself tonight and get close to that girl you fancy ;) this could be what your looking for. Quality is very good as its a DVDRip and the audio is standard MP3, shame its not AC3 but i guess it will do. Enjoy!

Eight strangers with no memories find themselves trapped in an abandoned facility. As they desperately try to find answers and escape, their own Shadows attempt to consume them from the darkness.

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