Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mr. Brooks (2007) DVDRip

After Mr Brooks (Costner) receives a "Man of the Year" award, we find out he is a serial killer haunted by the voice of his alter ego inside his head. Divided between a cold and racional Brooks and an emotional and intuitive Marshall (Hurt), he decides to satisfy Marshall by killing his last victims and then "retiring" to a simple family life. But something goes wrong and he cannot leave his life of crime. Meanwhile, things start to go wrong with his perfect family life, and a rough cop specialized on serial killers (Moore) begins to chase him. Mr. Brooks soon finds out that the only way to put an end to his life of crime is to kill again, and then some more. Or die in the process. Kevin Costner is brilliant in his depiction of an emotionless man, showing a different view of himself according to the situation he's in: a passionate husband, a caring father, a cold personality, or a perverted killer - noone could have pulled so many different expressions and still come out emotionless as he did.

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