Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gracie (2007) DVDRip

Academy-Award nominated actress Elisabeth Shue (LEAVING LAS VEGAS) is known primarily for her wide-ranging film work. But Shue was also a pioneer of sorts in the 1970s as a teenage soccer player who helped pave the way for girls to play high-school soccer. GRACIE is loosely based on Shue's life in suburban New Jersey, and stars Carly Schroeder (FIREWALL) as Gracie Bowen, a woman with a passion for soccer. But Gracie is overlooked by her domineering father (Dermot Mulroney), a former soccer star who feverishly coaches her three brothers, mostly focusing on the oldest sibling, Johnny (Jesse Lee Soffer). Johnny is the captain of Columbia High's soccer team and Gracie's biggest supporter and mentor, but his superstardom is tragically ended when he dies in a car accident. Since her high school does not have a girls' soccer team, Gracie decides to honor her brother's legacy by trying out for the boys' team, hoping to take her brother's place. Appalled by her outlandish suggestion, her family does not support her dream, and as a result she becomes reckless and defiant, hanging with the wrong crowd and neglecting her studies. Gracie's father recognizes what they need to do to get her back on track, so he coaches her full-time while also appealing to the school board to let her try out for the boys' team. Unfortunately the stakes are high for Gracie to prove herself to her potential coach and teammates, who pummel her with endless ridicule and harassment.

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